Ash Class (Y3)

 Ash Class




16/3 - 20/3 (1 week)Time – 24 hr clock – matching times in written form, on an analogue clock and digital clocks; calculating the duration of different everyday situations when given start and finish times eg tv programmes, cooking times, school day.

23/3 -3/4 (2 weeks)  Length & perimeter: measuring lengths to the nearest cm; comparing mm, cm and m and finding equivalent measurements; using mixed measurements eg heights of 1m 65cm; finding the difference between lengths/heights; solving problems and reasoning about lengths; learning what perimeter means and using rulers to measure the perimeters of different shapes.

English (reading/writing)

Writing an adventure story to include a magic crayon (we have begun this in class, but need to follow their plan to write each paragraph, then edit and write up)

Grammar: Irregular past tense verbs eg know/knew, think/thought; Using a range of conjunctions

Reading comprehensions


Plants – Pollination process, dissecting plants to find the different parts within a flower – stamens, stigma, style, ovary, anther, filament, petal. Life cycle of a plant

Chicks – life cycles, how they hatch from eggs, how they change as they grow


Christopher Columbus – who was he and what did he do?


Countries of the Commonwealth – locate on world map and identify the continents they are within.


Games- making up own games involving: weaving in and out of obstacles then aiming at a target.

Dance – Continue to learn dance as shown by Mr Louden


See DT


Design, make and evaluate a simple pulley that will lift 1 banana, or a hand of bananas.


Research Hindu gods and goddesses


French – research different traditions and festivals in France


Twinkl website have also set a free access for home   and use code UKTWINKLHELPS