Beech Class (Y4)

Beech Class




TT Rockstars

MTC practice using UR Brainy

Daily 10 maths questions (set level and challenge)


English (reading/writing)

Grammar games


Write an explanation text on any topic.



Electricity Research.

How it is generated.  Types of electricity.  Electrical appliances.  Electrical Circuits.   Conductors and insulators.  Electrical safety.


Where is Whitby? What Country and County is it in? Find out as much as you can about Whitby and then write 10 bullet points about what you have found out.


Choose an item you have at home. Carefully draw your item. Pay close attention to TONE. Use different pressures and an eraser to create tone variation.


Think back to your role play. For the job that your role play was about, write a description of the skills and training that you would need to be able to do that job. Write in full sentences.


Have a go at writing your own verses for the song ‘Please Miss’.

Research your favourite American Folk Song and write a fact file about it.