Empty Classroom Day

Empty Classroom Day
For our Empty Classroom day the weather was not as warm as we would have liked, so the children did not spend the entire day outside.  However they were out of their classrooms for the majority of the day and took part in den building, Tagtiv8 Maths, orienteering, a maths trail, stories in the Outside Classroom, and exploring the Sensory Garden. 

Empty Classroom Day


 A poem by Apple Tree class and Oak class


I can smell the fresh air,

I can smell tasty, hot chips being cooked,

I can smell bright yellow dandelions.


I can feel the cold, hard ground,

I can feel the rough, wooden hut,

I can feel the soft, wet grass.


I can hear the wind wooshing,

I can hear children screaming and having fun,

I can hear birds singing and tweeting.


I can see the bumpy brick walls,

I can see a rainbow coloured buddy bench,

I can see trees waving their branches.