Mrs Chappell's Challenge

Mrs Chappell's 7th Challenge (w/c 18th May)

This week is a photography challenge

Can you take a picture that captures ‘the outdoors’. You could take a picture on one of your daily walks or just in your garden. Your picture could be of anything you like.

Parents/Carers, you can get involved in this one too if you wish!

Post your photographs on the school Facebook page, or email to school if you are not on Facebook.

I look forward to seeing your work

My 6th Challenge (w/c 11th May)

This week’s challenge is to recreate a famous piece of Art. For example, you could recreate ‘The Snail’ by Matisse, Van Gough’s Sunflowers, a beautiful Monet, a piece of ‘Pop Art’ by Andy Warhol, a self- portrait in the style of Picasso or anything you choose.

You could use any materials you wish – pencil, collage, paint, natural materials….

I would love to see your Masterpieces, so please post a photo on the school facebook page and if you can, deliver it to school (no larger than A3 please), so we can display them around school!

Thank you

Mrs Chappell

Mrs Chappell’s 5th challenge - w/c 4th May

‘In a world where you can be anything…be kind.’

This week I would like you all do an act of kindness. This could be anything you like. You might help out with some household chores – wash up, make your bed, dust the living room, weed the garden, clean the toilet (!!!). You could just say a kind word to cheer someone up or write a letter to a family member or friend who you haven’t seen. You could write a letter to your teacher, I know they would love to hear from you.

I look forward to seeing/hearing what you have chosen to do on the school Facebook page. If you are not on facebook you can always drop us an e mail!