Willow Class (Y1 / Y2)

Willow Class 

Here is a fantastic resource suitable for all ks1 pupils. It can be downloaded free of charge from



Twinkl website have also set a free access for home

 www.twinkl.co.uk/offer   and use code UKTWINKLHELPS







telling the time on analogue O’clock past and to the hour and 5 minute intervals

adding subtracting

https://ttrockstars.com/  and numbots


English, Reading & Writing


Read books on https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Research about Kenya



A pet project – what do they eat? Draw and label the animal , What do they look like as baby compared to adult? What do they need? (food, water, shelter etc) How do you look after the pet

If you don’t have a pet research an animal of your choice that could be a possible pet 



Project about Kenya – find out about animals, food, climate, human and physical features, flag, rural/ city life, River Tana, Capital city, compare similarities and difference to the UK



African art –

Create your own Tingatinga painting or a sunset with a black silhouette of an animal in front.