Key to Assessment Judgements:
Your child's report will include a judgement regarding where they are currently working in relation to the National Curriculum.  This will comprise of a number and a letter, for example S3.  
The number refers to the National Curriculum Year Group objectives in which they are working.
The letter refers to where they are working within that year group's objectives:
S - Secure
D - Developing 
E - Entering

2016 Statutory Assessment Results



 GLD – 68.4% (1.7% higher than last year)

Year 1 Phonic Check

48% working at expected level (27% lower than last year)

Year 2 Phonic Re Check

4 out of 7 children now working at expected level

End of KS1 Results

 % at or above expected standard

Reading  46.2%

Writing   46.2%

Maths  50%


End of KS2 Results

 % at or above expected standard

Reading  73%

Writing  59%

Maths  59%

GPS  73%

 % average progress

Reading 67.7%

Writing 61.9%

Maths 47.6%

Average Scaled Score

Reading 103

Maths 100

% High level of attainment

Reading 23%

Writing 18%

Maths 9%