Sporting Champions

On Friday the 14th of October we have a very exciting visit planned. Leon Baptiste a gold medal winning athlete will be spending the morning with our school. This sponsored fitness event is arranged by 'Sports for Champions'. Sports for Champions is an exciting and productive program for everyone involved. Not only does it raise funds for the school, Sports for Champions will also receive a percentage of the sponsorship money. This money will be used to help young, unsponsored, Great British athletes that have just broken onto the GB squad. Unfortunately, not all athletes are funded by the National Lottery/ large sports brands. The sponsorship raised is primarily used to support the athletes' living costs, as they all train 30+ hours a week and do not have a regular income. With your help they will be able to commit as much time as possible to their sport and be able to cover travelling, equipment and medical costs on their journey to the top of their professions.

We ask for sponsors for your child to complete the full circuit with the athlete. The sponsored circuit is 4 simple exercises:


  •     Spotty dogs (Warm up exercise and great for fine tuning their coordination)
  •     Leg Drives (Helps build lower body and leg strength)
  •     Press ups, or Half Press ups (Helps build upper body and core strength)
  •     Star Jumps (Gentle warm down exercise)


Where does the money go? 


School: 60% raised will be coming back to our school. 


Sports for champions: 40% raised will be going back to the athletes to help fund their travelling costs, medical expenses etc. as they train 35+ hours a week and don't have any regular income or any time to earn a living. 


Your child will receive:

A free sticker for every participating student whether sponsored or not

£5-£14.99 - Receive a signed postcard photo of Leon Baptiste

£15-£34.99 - Receive a signed poster of the athlete

£35 or more - Receive an autographed instant photo of themselves and their athlete presented in a keep sake wallet. (siblings are welcome to have a group photo with the athlete)


Please kindly return the sponsorship money and form as soon as possible as we will need to count the money in the week before the event. You can also find a QR code on the back of your child's sponsor form which will take you to our Crowdfunder page which also explains the event in detail. 

The link to our Crowdfunder page is: 

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to inspire and motivate our children at Hemingbrough Primary School and start the year with a fantastic fundraiser and community event.

Miss Richardson