Our Aims, Vision & Values

Our School Aims, Vision & Values
Hemingbrough Community Primary School
At Hemingbrough Community Primary School our intention is to create an environment in which all children are enabled to fulfil their potential and feel pride in their identity. 
We aim to provide our children with an engaging and creative curriculum through which all children strive to “CARE”: to understand what it is to be part of a Community, to have Aspiration, show Resilience and Empathy in order to become lifelong learners and good citizens.
Our school’s aim over the next three years is to ensure all children make good progress within a broad and fun curriculum, and to increase parental support to do this
1. Ensure and promote the physical and personal safety of the children
2. Develop and encourage the children to be aware of their physical, spiritual and emotional health
3. Ensure that the ethos and philosophy of the school continues to place high emphasis on the children’s enjoyment whilst in our care, both directly and indirectly
4. Ensure each child develops self-discipline, the ability to learn independently and work co-operatively and to achieve their full potential and celebrate their own and others achievements
5. Strive to ensure that the children will learn to listen with respect, avoid deliberately damaging the self-esteem of others, appreciate the diversity of our society and how they can effectively contribute to it
6. Provide a learning environment which is reflective, stimulating, welcoming, secure and utilises resources to their maximum
Our Vison
An inclusive school, where all children strive to be the best that they can be, becoming lifelong learners and good citizens.
Our Values
Honesty, independence, friendship, respect, resilience, inclusivity, trying your best, cooperation, taking part and responsibility