Phonics Phase 3

In Phase 3 children continue to use all the sounds they were taught in Phase 2. In addition, they are taught additional sounds (phonemes) and the letters / groups of letters that represent them (graphemes). The information and resources in this section are designed to support you in helping your child at home - please feel free to speak with your child's class teacher if you require any additional information or support.

Phase 3 Teaching Overview

In this Phase a further 25 letters and graphemes are taught. The final two sets of letters are taught first.

 Set 6

 j / v / w / x

 Set 7

 y / z, zz / qu


Once Sets 6 & 7 have been taught children learn about graphemes where more than one letter represents one sound e.g. the grapheme 'ai' represents one sound in the word 'rain'.

Click on each grapheme below to download a set of A5 flashcards with words containing this grapheme. Practise reading these with your child.



(as in chip)


(as in shop)


(as in thin)


(as in then)


(as in ring)


(as in rain)


(as in feet)


(as in night)


(as in book)


(as in boot)


(as in farm)


(as in for)


(as in hurt)


(as in cow)


(as in coin)


(as in dear)


(as in fair)


(as in sure)


(as in her)



*The grapheme 'th' represents more than one sound. You may need to listen carefully to hear the difference.

**The grapheme 'oo' also represents more than one sound.

Phase 3 Resources

The following resources will help you support your child as they progress through Phase 3.


Grapheme Flash Cards for Set 6 & 7

An A5 flash card for each 'grapheme' taught in Set 6 & 7


 Reading Word Lists

Groups of words which can be read once each new Set is taught


 High Frequency Word Flash Cards

A5 flash cards for each high frequency word taught in this Phase


Yes / No Questions

A reading resource for Phase 3


 Captions & Sentences

Resources for your child to read


Sentence Substitution

A reading based game / challenge


Grapheme Record Sheet

Use this sheet to track the graphemes your child can recognise


 High Frequency Word Record Sheet

Use this sheet to track the high frequency words your child can read and spell